Remote Education with Emko

Remote Education with Emko

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which continues to spread rapidly worldwide, numerous measures are being taken. The measures that have been increased with the announcements of schools worldwide being clodes temporarily have reached the level that will hinder the flow of daily life including education. With the remote education model, it is possible for students to continue their education from their homes through various digital learning platforms .

As Emko, we provide teachers convenience in preparing digital educational content with our technological education solutions and help them deliver these contents in the healthiest and most effective way to students.

You can prepare fun and interactive course contents for your students by taking advantage of the many features of the Note application that comes free with our Emkotech interactive flatscreens.

With the Note application, it is possible to benefit from many different digital education resources and tools that you can use to enrich the course contents you have prepared. Khan Academy ( offers their users thousands of free, high quality written lessons, video explanations, tests and exercises related to the fields of Mathematics, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Social Sciences and Computer science. You can get inspiration to enrich your lessons by taking advantage of the extensive content of Khan Academy. You can add the lecture notes, video content or exercises you want to your Note page with the screen capture feature and easily include them in your lecture notes.

As an alternative to Khan AcademyQuizlet ( offers free interactive course contents, educational games and quiz tests in many different fields. In addition to the course content available on their website, it is possible to create new interactive content suitable for you.

You can add the content you want to your Note page with screen capture feature and easily include it in your lecture notes. By copying the addresses (URLs) of the web pages of exercises and tests into your notes, you can provide convenience to your students  to get them access relevant websites.

In addition to these resources, you can access thousands of free useful lecture videos via YouTube ( It is quite simple to add the desired YouTube course videos to your Note page. Using Youtube Video Downloader (, you can download any YouTube videos you want on your computer and you can easily include the downloaded videos in your lecture notes with the import feature of your Note application.

The videos included on your pages are ready to be watched immediately. You can add as many videos or notes to your pages as you like.

You can share your lecture notes created with the Note application with your students as Word, PDF or Powerpoint PPT files. You can use the export feature of your Note application for this.

The Capture application, which you can use with the Note application, will help you create audio lecture videos.

With Capture’s Record feature, you can capture everything on your smart board screen and record it as a video.

You will need a microphone to record sound and a camera to record yourself. All the changes you make on your screen, your own voice and video of yourself will be recorded simultaneously as a single video.

We recommend Google Classroom so that you can deliver your lecture notes and videos to your students in the most effective way. With Google Classroom, you can create virtual classes as you wish, and include students in the classes you create.

You can create assignments and questions via Google Classroom or share your lecture notes that you have prepared with Note application and the course videos you have recorded with Capture application at the same time with all your students.

For more information about Google Classroom, please visit website.

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