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Interactive Solutions for Business

Work more efficiently with our special solutions for the corporate world. We offer innovative interactive displays and software solutions that will help you to raise the productivity by creating an inspiring collaborative work environment.

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Collaboration with Interactive Display

Thanks to our professional interactive display, Emkotech Nova S3 and software solutions, we help you create a modern workplace where your employees can collaborate more efficiently. Brainstorm with your colleagues, plan projects, prepare presentations with the interactive touch display that will inspire your work.

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Video Conference

Organize collaborations with your colleagues outside the office with our interactive displays, which are fully compatible with video conferencing programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype. Create beautiful presentations using the included drawing software of your interactive display and share your screen simultaneously with all the participants.

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What can you do with Emkotech Interactive Display?

Fast screen sharing with QR code

Instantly share and mirror your mobile device’s screen by scanning the QR code displayed on your interactive screen. Your device’s screen will be projected on your interactive screen in real time. You can write and draw on your interactive screen as usual and capture screenshots for sharing with your coworkers.

Remote collaboration tools

Organize productive meetings with participants from all over the world, through videoconferencing programs. Share your display with all participants at the same time. Create a collaborative space by sharing the whiteboard feature with other participants.

Screen control and file sharing

You can project the screen of your interactive screen to the devices of all participants. The participants to whom access is granted can control your interactive screen from their mobile devices. Instantly transfer any file on your mobile device to the interactive screen.

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Get to Know Emkotech Nova S3 Closer

  • Enjoy great picture quality from every angle with 65″, 75″ and 86″ size options and 4K Ultra HD screen resolution.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues with the innovative touch panel that allows 40 multi-touch and offers a paper-like writing experience.
  • Speed up your work with fast built-in Android computer and included interactive software.

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Professionalize your Interactive Display!

You can strengthen your interactive display with accessories and additional modules that you can purchase additionally. Contact us to learn more about our accessories.

Wide Angle Camera

The ideal solution for your video conference calls with 4K resolution, quality microphone and wide-angle lens.

OPS-PC Module

Our OPS-PC modules, which can be integrated into the interactive display, comes with a powerful and upgradeable components and Windows OS.

Magic Pen

Use Windows Ink Workspace with Emkotech Magic Pen. You can adjust the line thickness with the pressure sensitive pen tip.

NFC Reader

Thanks to the integrable NFC reader, access to the interactive display is only possible with previously defined NFC cards.

Remote Management

Thanks to our special software, you can remotely manage many features of your interactive display with a single click.