Innovative education solutions

Software solutions for Interactive Display

With our interactive display software solutions focused on interactive learning and collaboration, we contribute to the development of your students’ ways of communicating, interacting and collaborating with each other.

The most effective way to engage your students in class

With the AirClass voting application, you can increase the interaction in the classroom and make the students more active in your lessons. Write your questions on the display and start the voting using AirClass. Your students vote using their devices. Instantly view the results graphically on your interactive display.

AirClass Akıllı Tahta Uygulaması

Increase Interaction in the Classroom with the ScreenSharePro App

Thanks to the ScreenSharePro application, the screen sharing and control feature is now much more powerful. With the screen sharing feature, which is fully compatible with your Macbook, Windows, Chromebook, IOS and Android devices, you can share the screen of up to 4 devices with your interactive board at the same time.

Record your lectures

With the Capture application, you can save all the changes you make on your interactive board as a video file. With a camera and microphone, you can simultaneously film yourself and record your own voice as a single video file.

Capture Akıllı Tahta Uygulaması

Prepare fun lesson content with Emkotech Draw

With the Emkotech Draw whiteboard application that comes with the Android operating system, write, draw, add pictures, prepare eye-catching lesson contents as you wish. With the smart pens that come with your interactive board, you can write in two different colors at the same time. Share your presentations with one click with the QR code feature.

Your Interactive Boards Are Under Control with Remote

Thanks to the Remote application, you can remotely control and manage all your interactive boards using your computer. Control your screens with one click with remote application installation, update, closing and opening, announcement feature, screen locking and many different features.

Remote Akıllı Tahta Yönetim Uygulaması

Your Lessons Are More Interactive and Effective With Note Application

Your presentations are more visual and more interactive thanks to the hundreds of educational tools offered by the Note whiteboard application. You can do detailed work thanks to its unlimited pages and unlimited text area features.

Explore Some Popular Apps Fully Compatible with Emkotech Interactive Displays


One of the most popular video conferencing applications, Zoom is fully compatible with Emkotech interactive touch displays. Increase interaction with your students both in the classroom and during distance education.


Let your students have fun while learning with Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform. Kahoot! app is compatible with our smart boards.

Microsoft Whiteboard

You will be able to work with your students simultaneously with the Microsoft Whiteboard online whiteboard tools, where you can use the writing and drawing features of our smart boards in the most effective way.

Our Innovative Solutions for Education

In the use of technology in education, we aim to perfect the educational processes by using analog and digital technologies together. With our interactive boards and analog systems, we are there, wherever education is!

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