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Interactive Solutions for Education

Say hello to a fun and interactive education! Increase interaction in your classrooms with our special interactive solutions that we have prepared for educational institutions of all education levels. You can benefit from our innovative interactive displays and software solutions that will allow you to create inspiring modern classrooms and learning environments.

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Emkotech Nova S Akıllı Tahta

Digital innovation in education

Interactive Education and Collaboration

Increase your students’ participation by creating a suitable learning environment using our interactive displays and interactive software solutions. Strengthen interaction between your students and encourage inspiring collaboration arrangements with a variety of apps and educational games.

Digital innovation in education

Practical and user friendly

Emkotech interactive displays, which educators of all ages can easily learn and start using in a short time, come with various practical training tools. Thanks to our special software solutions, you can use your interactive display like a normal blackboard, conduct virtual and visual scientific experiments, visualize your math lessons by using hundreds of math and geometry tools, or take a look at human anatomy in three dimensions. The possibilities are endless with your Emkotech interactive display.

Digital innovation in education

Get to Know Our Interactive Displays Models Closer

Emkotech Nova S3

  • Great picture quality from every angle with 65″, 75″ and 86″ size options and 4K Ultra HD screen resolution.
  • Innovative touch panel that allows 40 multi-touch and offers a paper-like writing experience.
  • Speed up your work with fast built-in Android computer and included interactive software.

Emkotech GO+

  • Great picture quality from every angle with 65″, 75″ and 86″ size options and 4K Ultra HD screen resolution.
  • Touch panel that allows 20 multi-touch and offers a smooth writing experience.
  • Built-in Android computer and included interactive software.

Digital innovation in education

Digital and Analog technologies together!

We bring digital and analog technologies together by bringing classic whiteboards and interactive display together. It’s an aesthetic way to increase your writing space without sacrificing valuable space in your classroom.

Emkotech Sliding Board System

More writing space with Emkotech sliding board system! It includes 2 movable, 2 fixed whiteboards and Emkotech interactive board.

Emkotech Guillotine Board System

With the Emkotech guillotine board system, a whiteboard that can move up or down and an Emkotech interactive board are together!