10 Educational Games and Applications for Better IFP Experience

10 Educational Games and Applications for Better IFP Experience

Akıllı Tahta Etkin Kullanımı

Increasing the interaction within the classroom by including students is one of the factors contributing to education. Research shows that smart boards accelerate and improve the learning process by enhancing interaction.

With the widespread use of smart boards, teachers can now make more effective use of all kinds of features that the smart board offers and make more interesting and interesting lessons. In order to achieve this success, you can incorporate instructional smartboard games and applications into your lessons, and you can get higher yields from your smartboard usage. Many free smartboard applications and games are waiting for you to use with your smartboard.

Educational SmartBoard Games

There are hundreds of free educational games prepared for use with your smartboard. A few of the pages we have compiled for you;

Akıllı tahta uygulaması - Çeşitli akıllı tahta uygulamaları

IXL Learning – With IXL Learning, which has thousands of educational games and activities ranging from 1st grade to 12th-grade level, it is now much easier to learn.

TopMarks – You can find different games and activities for your smart board on this page. Many resources in the fields of mathematics, literature, science, biology, chemistry, physics, art, religion, history, geography and music are waiting for you.

TeacherLED Toplama Oyunu

TeacherLED – A combination of 50 pieces of games and activities in different fields of mathematics, English and geography.

Akıllı tahta uygulaması - National Geographic Akıllı Tahta Uygulamaları

National Geographic – In this web page, you can find many educational games for children from 4 to 11 years. There are several educational games that are suitable for different levels.

Educational Smart Board Applications

In addition to games, you can increase the interest of students by using various educational interactive applications. Here are some of the useful applications we have found for you;

İnsan Anatomisini Keşfedin

ZygoteBody – 3D model with a closer look at human anatomy. You can study the organs, muscle groups and bones through the touch screen of your smart board and teach human anatomy in a fun way to your students.

Piyano Uygulaması

Pianu – You can learn to play the piano by using the multi-touch feature of your smart board. A very useful app to encourage students to play the piano.

Google earth akıllı tahta uygulaması ile akıllı tahtanızı kullanarak dünyayı gezin.

Google Earth – The world with Google Earth is at your fingertips! Use your smart board to navigate the desired location of the world.

Periodic Table – Touch-supported periodic table application contains all kinds of information about periodic tables and elements.

Akıllı tahta uygulaması - Güneş sistemi simülasyonu

Solar System Simulation – Get ready for a breathtaking adventure! It is now possible to explore the solar system in three dimensions and discover all the planets and stars.

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