Emkotech Height Adjustable Wall Mount

Smart move from smart board…

Give your interactive screen up and down mobility with the Emkotech height adjustable system! Emkotech height adjustable system, which gives movement to the interactive screen thanks to its special column system, will eliminate the height difference with its up-down movement.

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Thanks to the up and down movement mechanism of the Emkotech height adjustable system You can adjust your Emkotech interactive screens to any height you want. 65", 75", 86" Emkotech Nova S3 and Emkotech GO+ are suitable with the system.

Move up and down

Up-down mobility

Emkotech Led Giyotin Sistemli Sınıf

Emkotech Manual Height Adjustable System

With the Emkotech manual height adjustable system, which provides the ability to move up and down with its pulley and rope system, you can instantly adjust your interactive screen to the height you want without requiring electricity.

Emkotech Electric Height Adjustable System

Thanks to its powerful motor, you can adjust the height of your interactive screen smoothly and quickly via its special remote control.

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Motorized or Manual

Emkotech height adjustable wall mount comes in two different models, either motorized or manual use. Thanks to the aluminum columns on both sides of the smart board, you can always adjust the height in a stable and safe way.

Emkotech Wings
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Emkotech height adjustable systems with wings

Thanks to the Emkotech Wings Whiteboard System that you can combine with Emkotech height adjustable system, you can conveniently use the whiteboards while working on the interactive screen.

2 foldable whiteboards