Innovation in Digital Education

Innovative Interactive Boards for Education

Your lessons are much more interactive and enjoyable with Emkotech interactive boards. Enhance collaboration in your classrooms using many innovative educational tools.

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Innovation in Digital Education

Innovative Interactive Boards for Business

Your meetings are much more efficient with Emkotech interactive screens. Prepare great presentations that enhance collaboration with interactive software solutions.

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Innovation in Digital Education

State-of-the-art Interactive Screens

Emkotech offers interactive screens and software solutions suitable for all kinds of classroom, educational and business environments. With our new generation interactive boards, Emkotech Nova S and Emkotech GO+ and interactive software solutions, you can organize lessons and meetings more efficiently than ever before. If you wish, you can try our Interactive Board Picker application to help you choose the most suitable interactive display and compatible accessories.

Innovation in Digital Education

Compatible with Remote Learning and Working

With our interactive boards that are fully compatible with video conferencing programs that you can use during remote learning and remote working, we offer various conveniences to educators and employees.

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Interactive Board Features

Why Emkotech Interactive Board?

4K Ultra HD Resolution

Excellent image quality with 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160 pixels) panel and 65", 75", 86" screen size options.

Smooth touch experience

Realistic touch experience thanks to innovative touch screen technology.

Android and Windows together

Increase the efficiency of your lectures or meetings with the integrated Android module and optional OPS computer.Android and Windows all in one interactive screen.

Wireless screen sharing and control

You can share up to 4 device screens at the same time with your interactive board. You can control your interactive board using your mobile device.

Remote collaboration via video conferencing

It is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and many other video conferencing programs.

Many educational tools and apps

You can easily access various learning tools with one click. Contact us for more information.

Magnetic smart pens

With two smart pens, you can draw or write in two different colors at the same time.

Award-winning solutions

We have been selected by EdTech Insights magazine as one of Europe's top ten educational technology solution providers.

Great prices, great quality

When you buy directly from the manufacturer, you are assured of getting the best quality product at the best possible price.

Emkotech Sliding Board System

More writing space with Emkotech sliding board system! It includes 2 movable, 2 fixed whiteboards and Emkotech interactive board.

Emkotech Guillotine Board System

With the Emkotech guillotine board system, a whiteboard that can move up or down and an Emkotech interactive board are together!

Innovation in Digital Education

Special System Interactive Boards

Bring excitement to your education with the sliding board system and guillotine board system that combines analog and digital technologies!

Interactive solutions tailored for you

Contact us now to make your classrooms and workplaces more efficient with Emkotech interactive boards and interactive software solutions!

Meet our interactive boards

Interactive Board Models

To view the interactive board features, you can check the interactive board models below. Contact us to request a quote!

Emkotech Nova S

Get ready for the most advanced interactive screen experience with Emkotech Nova S! 4K Ultra HD image quality and high performance integrated Android computer in one!

Emkotech GO+

Emkotech GO+ interactive screen offers basic solutions for your education with its easy-to-use user interface and integrated Android computer.

Interactive solutions for education

Accelerate your education with special interactive solutions for education at all levels.

Solutions for education

Special solutions for business

Increase your productivity with our enterprise level interactive solutions.

Solutions for business