Emkotech Liftsystem

Your interactive display is ready for lift up!

Thanks to the Emkotech lift system, you can increase the height of your interactive display practically anywhere between 5 cm – 95 cm above the floor. With its 1500 N strong motor you can move it up and down quickly and safely.

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Emkotech Wings
Digital innovation in education

Height-adjustable interactive displays wherever you want

Emkotech Lift can be wall mounted or taken anywhere thanks to the special mobile foot option. The special braking mechanism allows you to mount your interactive display wherever you want. Suitable for 65", 75", 86" Emkotech Nova S3 and Emkotech GO+.

Digital innovation in education

The control is in your hands!

You can adjust the height with the remote control or with the Emkotech Lift app on your interactive display.


Control with special remote control


Control with the Emkotech Lift App

Lift App
Emkotech Wings
Digital innovation in education

Give the Emkotech lift system wings!

Thanks to Emkotech Wings, which you can combine with the Emkotech Lift System, you can comfortably use both sides of the whiteboard while working on the interactive display.

2 folding Whiteboards


CompatibilityCompatible with 65", 75" and 86" Emkotech Nova S3 and Emkotech GO+ interactive displays
VESASupports up to 800x600
Height adjustment Height adjustable between 850-1720mm
Speed Thanks to its powerful 1500 N motor, it has a forward speed of 20 mm/s.
Optional built-in collision system Thanks to the optionally integrated collision system, the movement stops automatically.
Control Up and down movement system from the screen with its dedicated controller or Emkotech Lift app
Maximum load capacity 250 kg maximum load capacity