Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Your Classrooms

Interactive Flat Panel Displays and Whiteboards for Your Classrooms
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The Emkotech name formed as a result of combination of the words, Emko and technology, in which Emko comes from our name of the parent company Emko Emaye.

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Our Story

We have started the production of interactive whiteboards for the first time in 2010. As of 2018, we export interactive flat panel displays and whiteboards all over the globe to over 40 countries.

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As Emkotech, our main objective is to design and develop innovative and revolutionary products in the field of educational technology. Thanks to our customers' feedbacks and our comprehensive in-house research, we can successfully develop products to suit the needs of our everyday users.

What makes Emkotech different from it's rivals?

Emkotech™ redefines education with various technological solutions. Thanks to our 40+ years of experience, we can offer state of the art interactive flat panel displays and interactive whiteboards at an affordable price. With our complementary accessories, make your classrooms smarter today!


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If you are passionate about techology and education and if you believe you can make a difference in education with your knowledge and innovative ideas, don't hesitate to send us an email with your resume.

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